About us

Originally known as Kerry Hypnotherapy, we have been operating the Centre since 2005 during which time many hundreds of people have passed through our doors.

We provide a caring and supportive environment in which clients can safely work through their emotional issues and ultimately find relief from, and a resolution to any emotional difficulties.

We work with children from six years old through to ninety six years young and of course every age in between.

We help youngsters overcome problems such as balloon phobias, bed wetting and anger or school fears, shyness and victims of bullying.

We help teenagers overcome a wide range of emotional problems too such as depression, exam stress, low self esteem, anxiety and inhibition.

And of course the list of presented problems grows exponentially with adults. Please see our treatable issues page for a more comprehensive listing (it’s by no means an exhaustive one).

But we don’t just examine presenting issues in isolation; we employ positive psychology techniques to help orient our clients towards a happy, fulfilling and contented life. When clients leave our safe hands, we prefer to see them gravitate towards living an optimum lifestyle that creates a platform for good emotional wellbeing.

The therapeutic modalities that we use to achieve positive change and results are:


  • Hypnotherapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Hypno-analysis
  • Hypno-psychotherapy
  • Positive Psychology Techniques
  • N.L.P Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Life Training and Coaching