About Lee Tiller


lee-tillerLee Tiller has been providing CBT and  hypnotherapy in Kerry since 2005 during which time he has helped many hundreds of people resolve a multitude of emotional difficulties and unhelpful behaviours. He is well known for his caring compassionate approach, and for providing ongoing emotional support during difficult times of change.

He received his professional training under the expert guidance of the one of the worlds most distinguished Hypno-psychotherapists, Terence Watts at the Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis.

Lee’s personable and professional approach to his work quickly instils confidence and enthusiasm in all of his clients. Any initial anxieties or concerns held by clients are quickly dispelled, especially those clichéd old myths that the term ‘hypnosis’ unfortunately sometimes conjures up.

As he says “never confuse medical based clinical hypnotherapy with the charade of stage hypnosis”. Lee feels so strongly about this as to say “I would ban the nonsense of stage hypnosis because it ridicules the innocent purely for the performers own egotistical self aggrandisement”.

In addition to providing ‘one to one’ therapy, Lee also delivers a range of professional self improvement and personal development workshops and courses.

Over recent years Lee has authored and delivered many positive psychology courses and seminars under the name ‘Living a Brilliant Life’ and is currently in the process of writing an accompanying book. His enthusiasm for human development is well known, and he strongly embraces the principle of “teach someone to fish and you feed them for life”.

In his spare time Lee is a talented and well respected painter and musician, and is currently producing a collection of Hypnotherapy and Self Improvement CD’s. The combination of his trademark ‘velvety’ calming voice and original musical soundscapes, offer a real moment of sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You’ll find some of his titles available to purchase by clicking here.

To explore Lee’s beautiful and collectible impressionist art, please visit his creative arts website at www.leetiller.com he enjoys receiving feedback so let him know what you think!