Privacy & Confidentiality Statement


The therapeutic alliance between therapist and client is based on respect, trust and the strictest confidentiality.

Everything that you say will always be held in the strictest confidence. The only time that we would ever contemplate involving a third party would be if we believed your safety was at risk you or that you were a risk to somebody else.

Our commitment to you is to be honest and open about the work that we’ll do together and to explain the processes and respective timeframes involved. We will always let you know if we think we're unable to help you, or if we believe there is someone else Is better suited to helping you.

Within the framework of our therapeutic relationship, we will provide you with all the support we can give, including out of hours assistance in the case of an emergency. We will always be clear and unambiguous about what we can and cannot do.

Lee Tiller M.aphp D.cbt D.hyp