Creativity and the Artist


lee-in-studioIn addition to being a busy full time professional therapist, course author and trainer, Lee is a gifted impressionist painter whose works are collected around the world.

You can see more of Lee’s creative works on his website:

Extract from an interview with Lee Tiller on his paintings and his art:

Question: Clearly art is important to you, but what does painting bring you and have you always been creative?

“First of all, I firmly believe that everyone has a degree of creativity inside them and that everyone can paint or create something they are proud of. In fact I actively encourage people to make the arts a part of their lives”.

“In terms of positive psychology, it is found that by immersing ourselves in a creative pursuit like painting we enjoy a state called flow, which is that dreamy state of reverie we experience when we lose track of time. Painting therefore takes me outside of my thoughts and away from the stresses of life which is in effect like taking a small vacation”

“I have painted for as long as I can remember, and in fact most of us will have enjoyed scribbling with colourful crayons long before we could write or speak. It is the original language of humanity and I love it”.

Question: Why do you feel so passionately about it?

lavender-field“Here today I am in constant conversation with life. I feel as though I am having a midlife reverie! For me, to paint is to draw breath, and to experience a sensation that manifests itself in a physical way. At times I have a strange desire to long to taste the colour red, or hear the delicacy of blue-violet as it resonates through the air. As an artist I strive to impart something of my humanity into the painted impasto dabs of oil colour and dancing impressionistic brush strokes that mark the fingerprints of my work”.

Question: People collect art for a variety of reasons, is there a common thread that can identify amongst your collectors?

“Some people claim that my paintings exude a sense of tranquillity and serenity, like a calming oasis amidst the chaos of confrontation, technology and contemporary life. Others, say they sense a particular exuberance that joyfully proclaims my love for colour and life. I hope that either or both are true. I like to think of my paintings as a paracetamol for the contemporary stresses of 21st century living”.


{pullquote}Art can be delicious, sexy, romantic, contemplative, or any one of a multitude of life affecting and affirming experiences. It is the oldest form of communication known to mankind and although sonically silent, exudes a loud voluminous splendour that is rarely if ever equalled.{/pullquote}