Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a form of psychotherapy proven in numerous clinical trials to be effective for a wide variety of emotional problems and disorders. The therapist and client work together forming a therapeutic alliance to help identify and resolve problems.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapists help clients overcome their difficulties by helping them change the way they think and the way they behave, and also improve their emotional responses to life events.

In essence, the therapist helps the client to look at life in a more realistic way rather than the automatic and hence ‘unchallenged’ beliefs about how life is.

We are CBT specialists in the South West and help people resolve issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, panic attacks, phobia, anger, trauma and problems of low self esteem.

We receive referrals from directly from GP's and other medical practitioners, as well as local hospitals and other therapists. CBT is recognised by most leading private heath insurance companies such as VHI.

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