What is CBT?


What is CBT?

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (or CBT as it is more commonly known) is a very effective way of helping people overcome a broad spectrum of emotional problems.It is based on the idea that how we feel and what we do are affected by what we think. That the way we think and what we think are automatic responses influenced by deep seated beliefs and or interpretations of an event – usually from a negative perspective.

Therefore CBT explores the links between: Thoughts = feelings = actions/inaction

The presupposition of CBT is that:

1. The way people think affects how they feel.

2. And that how they feel affects what they do

3. And this in turn affects how they think…

In CBT you will be helped to identify and ‘notice’ the different types of unhelpful thinking styles that you use.

These unhelpful thinking styles often lead to feelings of worry, anxiety, sadness, anger, stress and of course depression.

How will CBT help?

CBT will help you notice your negative or unhelpful thinking styles and discover the link between what you think, how you feel and what you do.

By learning a number of key CBT techniques you will be able to notice your thoughts, and learn to test the evidence for their validity instead of automatically accepting them as truth. Once they have been challenged and reconsidered, you will learn new ways coping with unpleasant feelings and diminishing or overcoming problems.

Finally, from this new perspective you can choose how to think about a specific life event, enjoy more comfortable feelings and consequently possess greater freedom to do the things you want to do in your life.

Who can CBT help?

In short just about everyone. If you can think, you can use CBT!

From six to ninety six years of age, CBT can help most people overcome a range of emotional problems from depression to general anxiety to low self esteem and much more.

Children as young as six can be taught to use CBT and it’s especially useful for dealing with fears, worries and emotional difficulties concerning school.