Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss

Clinical Hypnotherapy is renowned as an effective tool for achieving weight management and weight loss. It puts you in control and avoids the need for ‘dieting’ and especially those useless faddy diets that yield nothing more than the ping pong pendulum of the weight loss weight gain syndrome.

Through a series of gentle hypnotherapy sessions, you are able to change your mindset and relationship with food for good. You will be provided with a number of self-monitoring and self-help assignment worksheets as well as exclusive audio CD’s to reinforce your valuable clinical work.

  • We help you reframe compulsive eating habits such as snacking late at night.
  • We teach you stress management techniques to eliminate the ‘need to feed’ stress reactions and stress responses.
  • We help you to make informed and sensible food choices (not dieting).
  • We help you create a permanent healthy and intelligent relationship with food.
  • We help boost your motivation that enables you to enjoy gentle exercise.
  • We provide self esteem enrichment exercises that keep you feeling good inside and out.

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Losing weight never felt so good!

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