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workshopsOur professional and community training workshops offer a unique series of innovative and specially written materials. We focus on helping people develop real world ‘road tested’ skills that enhance and enrich their lives. By creating a solid foundation of support, participants are encouraged to explore new skills and techniques in a caring and professional environment.

Using the latest models and techniques for creating positive and meaningful change, we aim to instil a strong sense of personal empowerment together with the encouragement and motivation to use newly learned tools and resources.

Many people are finding it very difficult to cope during these challenging times. The global economic crisis has left many feeling vulnerable, traumatised, disempowered and severely distressed. Businesses have failed at an unprecedented rate and with them any sense of job security and financial resource. Tragically many have lost their livelihoods and their homes.

Irrespective of where the blame lies, the world as they knew has apparently let them down. As a result significantly more people than ever are experiencing depression, insomnia, anxiety disorders, stress, poorer health and unhappiness.

However, as bleak as life might appear sometimes, there are deeply rooted resources within all of us that can help minimise the trauma of these times. In fact, we passionately believe that in the trough of such turmoil there is a wonderful and richly fertile soil in which to plant the seeds of growth. Optimism, hope and resilience are three words that feature extensively throughout our training materials.

We passionately believe that everyone has untapped resources, and our task is facilitate the discovery, development and employment of them.

All of our courses and workshops are delivered in a fun, nurturing and supportive environment. If they weren’t enjoyable, we simply wouldn’t do it…

“You have those resources and we will show you where to access them”!

Our training courses include:

  • Stress management in practice  
  • Assertiveness and Communication
  • EWB now! (Emotional Well Being)
  • Confident speaking skills
  • Time management
  • Happy workers
  • Living a Brilliant Life! (parts one and two)
  • Happiness Mapping
  • Assertiveness for women
  • Hope, Optimism, & Positivity
  • Self-hypnosis for personal change
  • Overcoming fear and anxiety
  • Self Esteem Enrichment