Happiness Mapping

Question: Can you learn to be happier?

Answer: An emphatic YES!

This is the clear and unambiguous conclusion from research discovered through the field of positive psychology.

Whether you are a stressed out business executive or a fun seeking hedonist looking for the next fix, you will benefit from this valuable series of workshops on happiness. It’s called Happiness Mapping.

Whatever your age, you can feel better, you can feel happier, and you can discover resources within you that have lain dormant, undiscovered or simply unused. We will show you how to access them.

It is a simple truth that we all perform better, relate to others more effectively, and achieve greater satisfaction with life when we feel happier.

We believe that happiness is the ultimate currency. By looking at the cornerstones of life’s experience, such as meaning, pleasure, engagement self interest and altruism we can learn to connect with life in a more meaningful way.

By learning to develop resources such as optimism, hope, resilience and mindfulness, we can all increase our feelings of self worth, positivity and well being. In short, we can increase our feelings of happiness.

Happiness Mapping is a new course that explores happiness in the home, in our relationships and at work. Participants learn ‘happiness boosters’ or what we refer to as ‘Good Mood Food’.

We passionately believe that if enough people recognise the powerful benefits of developing happiness as THE primary currency in life, then communities and society at large will be a better place in which to live. 

Be Happy! Because you deserve it…

Call or email us for a list of venues and dates for our Happiness Mapping course. Of course if you would like to organise this innovative series of workshops for your business, community group or educational facility, we are pleased to deliver the course at a convenient location for you. Call us.