Living a Brilliant Life

 It combines elements of subjective well being (happiness and what it means to be happy), self esteem enrichment, assertiveness skills, emotional well being, goals and motivation, communication, creative conflict resolution and stress management.

The course is delivered as a series of six workshops run over six evenings of one evening per week. There are two courses, part one and part two. The second course is delivered at a more advanced level and is designed to help build upon the skills already developed in part one.

Without exception, everyone that has ever attended the ‘Living a Brilliant Life’ series of courses has benefited enormously. Some claim it’s a ‘life changing’ experience. We certainly hope so!

Participants learn new skills and resources for a lifetime of effective happy living.

Just some of what you can expect to learn...

  • how to create more confidence
  • how to reduce anxiety, stop worrying and start living!
  • new ways of developing positive self esteem
  • how to manage stress
  • how to tap into hidden resources
  • to communicate effectively at work and at home
  • how to overcome your fears and beat ‘self limiting’ beliefs
  • Understand who you are and why you do what you do!
  • how to live a life on purpose!
  • how to get motivated and stay motivated!
  • how to achieve your goals
  • how to tame your MMM ‘mischievous mind monster’ and silence its critical voice!

All materials, including printed materials, audio CD’s and a hard backed journal are included.

Email or telephone us today to find out the dates and venues of the next courses in your area.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!