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When you're ready to quit... 
                          ...we are ready to help.

For some, quitting smoking can be a stressful time, yet for others (and especially those that work with us) it can be as easy as a walk in the park.

Most smokers agree that maintaining the smoking habit has many negative consequences; risk of dangerous illness, feelings of poor health, fear, ‘cravings irritability’, mood swings, shortness of breath, unpleasant stench, diminished smell and taste senses, less disposable income, social stigma and reduced self esteem. It’s not a pleasant combination.

It is the most dangerous habit that we can form in our lifetime. It kills more people than all other drug addictions combined, and a staggering 50% (yes one in two) smokers will die from smoking related disease. Don't become a statistic. You can quit, and we can help you do it!

Our Quit Smoking Service

We offer two quit smoking programmes so that you have a choice based on your own personal preferences.

Option one: Our premium 1 to 1 private service with quit smoking specialist Lee Tiller. This is held in our clinical practice and lasts for approximately three hours. This service is ideal if you prefer privacy and special 'one to one' attention. You will receive many written materials, worksheets, a course of vitamins and an exclusive quit smoking CD’s. We believe it is the best service available anywhere.

To book your ‘Premium 1 to 1 Quit Smoking’ appointment or to receive more information, call us for a friendly 'no obligation' chat on 087 612 3301 or email us via the contact us webpage.

Option two: This is our new group quit smoking workshops called 'i-quit now'. Join us in a supportive environment over two evenings. It’s an effective and cost effective solution to stopping smoking. You will receive a host of written materials; exclusive quit smoking CDs and more. The two workshops combined provide four hours of therapeutic intervention.

For venues and dates or to book your ‘place on our ‘i-quit now’ quit smoking workshops visit our dedicated webpage here or call us for a friendly chat on 087 612 3301 or email us.


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