Stress Management


We consider the term ‘Stress Management’ to be rather a misnomer, and prefer to approach the subject of stress as a matter of ‘Self Management’.

By taking a proactive and fun approach to the serious business of stress, we show participants that there are significant steps they can take to reduce the destructive and harmful impact of stress within their daily lives.

We provide participants with new skills and awareness that enable them to effectively manage and control life stress, work stress and cope with the current ‘stress monster’ commonly known as recession fatigue. Our unique comprehensive programme helps individuals avoid 'burn out' and exhaustion.

For business, this means greater productivity, happier workers and less days lost through illness, together with a more committed and creative workforce.

Stress is believed to cause of 70% of visits to doctors and 85% of all serious illnesses.

In Ireland and the UK, over 15 million working days are lost each year because of Stress.

Stress significantly affects brain function resulting in a 50% reduction in cognitive performance.


STRESS unchecked is:

  • Bad for health
  • Bad for people
  • Bad for families
  • Bad for business
  • Bad for productivity
  • Bad for the economy


All of our delegates are shown there are significant things they can do to reduce the negative and dangerous impact of stress.

Participants are provided with ‘real world’ usable tools that enable them to make positive choices to reducing stress and hence learn how to manage it.

Participant are encouraged to commit to using the various ‘stress busters’ ‘stress inoculators’ and ‘mood enhancer’ techniques to ensure they maintain a healthy life/stress balance.

Participants receive exclusive printed materials, multiple exercises and a specially recorded ‘Stress Busting’ audio Compact Disc to take away.


Just some of the content explored on our programme:

Stress exposed

Mind & Body Connection

Stress Inoculation

The ABCDE of Stress

Cognitive Strategies

Physical Strategies

Ducks, Fish and Bugs (Stress2go)!


“Stress is the rubbish of modern life - we all generate it and if we don't learn to dispose of it properly, it will accumulate and bury us”! 

Our stress management workshops are specifically tailored to your precise needs.

Here are just some of the workshops available:

  • Stress management for the corporate world
  • Stress management for community workers
  • Stress management for education workers
  • Stress management for emergency services
  • Stress management for students
  • Stress management for women
  • Stress management for carers
  • Stress management for all


Call us today for a friendly 'no obligation' chat about how we can help you reduce and keep your stress to manageable levels and thereby reduce its harmful impact. You deserve the best, so call us today.